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Legal Ramblings: All of this stuff is mine! Mine! I tell you! Mine!  No reproduction is permitted without my permission.



Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine

"Surviving the High-Tech Interview" - MCP Magazine is a great organization to work with. I wrote this article after I'd been on a series of tech interviews. Click here to read it.



"Sun Certified System Administrator for Solaris 8 Study Guide (Exam 310-011 & 310-012)" - I had a great time working on this book. I did all the technical editing, wrote the outline, glossary, introduction and most of the chapters. It was published by Syngress Media, a division of McGraw-Hill.


Chapter 1 - Understanding System Concepts

"Hack Proofing Solaris 8" - This was another book I worked on for Syngress Media. Since it's not written as a study guide for a certification test, I had much more control over the content. I was one of the authors as well as the Technical Editor.  The asked me to write the intro for this book, too. Follow the link below to read it.


Technical Documentation

How to be Anti-Social

I was asked by Syngress Media to write a paper on the prevention and detection of social engineering hacks. It's a subject I don't think gets enough attention. It's pretty short, but I think it has some good tips.


Technically News

I did a syndicated radio program for awhile. It was 2 minutes of news for "information technology professionals and interested bystanders". It was a blast to do, but I just couldn't spend the time on it that it deserved. Here are some samples in the MP3 format.

  A warning about EMachines

  An early report on Microsoft's XBox

  Sun moving to OpenSource and the iToaster

Work HistoryPublished Work - Resume in Word 6.0 - Resume in ASCII Text - Home - e-mail